At Enfinite Solutions Limited, we are committed to providing high-quality training to our clients' end-users in order to ensure that they are able to fully utilize our software and achieve the best results. To ensure that our training is effective and meets the needs of our clients, we have developed the following end-user training policy:

1. The client will need to designate one staff member as the "software champion" who will be responsible for leading the training sessions and serving as the primary point of contact for any questions or concerns regarding the software. The software champion should have a thorough understanding of the software and be able to demonstrate its features and capabilities to other staff members.

2. The software champion will be responsible for training new staff members before an actual training session has been booked. This will ensure that all staff members are properly prepared and able to participate in the training session. The software champion can provide this training through one-on-one sessions or group training, depending on the needs of the staff and the size of the organization.

3. Scheduling for training sessions must be done at least 48 hours prior to the actual training day. This can be done through our online calendar, which can be accessed through our website or applications. The client will need to provide the names and email addresses of all attendees in order to reserve a spot in the training session.

4. Training sheets will be provided at the beginning of every training session and must be signed by all attendees at the end of the session. These sheets will outline the key features and capabilities of the software and will serve as a reference for future use. The software champion should review the training sheets with all attendees to ensure that they understand the material covered in the training session.

5. Training sessions are 2 hours long and have a 2/3 quota attendance requirement for trainees. If the required attendance is not met, the training session may be postponed or rescheduled. If a training session needs to be rescheduled, the client will be notified as soon as possible and a new date and time will be arranged.

6. If trainees are not seated and ready to begin the training session within 30 minutes of the start time, the whole training session will be postponed. This is to ensure that all attendees have sufficient time to receive the necessary training and ask any questions they may have. If a training session needs to be postponed due to low attendance or other unforeseen circumstances, the client will be notified as soon as possible and a new date and time will be arranged.

We hope that this end-user training policy will help to ensure that our clients' users are able to fully utilize our software and achieve the best results. We value your feedback, and we welcome any suggestions or requests for changes to our training policy. We are always open to hearing your thoughts and making improvements to better serve you.

Questions or Additional Information:
If you have questions regarding this policy or wish to obtain additional information, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

Last updated: 27th December 2022.